Top 10 bedroom musicians who became a meme

Very often, musicians need a break from their serious ambitions and dreams that are not so easy to accomplish, or they need to fill their leisure time between strenuous tours or performances at nearby city clubs. In this article, you will see how some of them are fulfilling this period with a combination of music and humour that enabled them to become viral hits and gain publicity through the most important online media for musicians; YouTube.

Their ambitions and dreams changed and went in a completely different direction. It is no longer about what they want, but what they can do and what is going on for them, and they are entertaining an online audience by constantly throwing out humorous content related to music.

In this article I chose ten YouTubers that I have discovered over the past few years and whose content I follow almost every day. My goal was not to choose the most talented and skillful musician on their instrument, but to choose YouTubers who, in my opinion, skillfully combine their musical talent with an unusual sense of humor.

10. Kmac2021

If you ever get depressed and don’t know what to do with your life, take your guitar and make the dumbest video you can imagine. An identical thing happened to this young man, who made his first video for his friends, but quite unexpectedly became a viral hit. After his unexpected success, he continued recording videos of this kind of content and became one of the favorite music YouTubers around the world. If you need a dose of nihilistic humor accompanied by childlike and deliberately silly use of green screen, Kmac2021 is the right person for you.

9. Davie504

A top bass player of fairly enviable skill is an inexhaustible source of virtual entertainment. In addition to playing twelve-string bass or putting bass strings on the ukulele, Davie504 plays Tool with a tool and Red Hot Chilli Pepperse with pepperoni. If you play a bass guitar, you will probably lose the will to play it after watching its contents. He is often challenged by the audience with “Very impressive, but can you …” comments, while he indirectly answers “Yes, I can” with his video. Like Kmac2021, this man lately became a meme himself.

8. Joey Muha

I never thought that one metalhead would bang his head to the cartoon music until I saw a channel of the very skilled metal drummer Joey Muha. He decided to share his incredible skill with the audience by covering children’s rhymes and themes of various cartoons and games. Death and thrash metal drum parts in these songs have never sounded better.

7. SteveTerreberry

He is annoying to many people who think he is forcing his humor, but he is also very entertaining to many. Steve Terreberry is a superb guitar player and imaginative entertainer. If you want to learn how to play a guitar like Lil Vayne or Nick Jonas, be sure to check it out on YouTube today.

6. Vinheteiro

If you play or like to listen to music on the piano, this channel gives you the opportunity to hear what ‘meme music’ and music from games and movies would sound in 1500’s or 1680’s. Magical fingers and a killer look into the camera, or into your soul, describe Vinheteiro and his very entertaining work.

5. Frog Leap Studios

Leo Moracchioli is a crazy Norwegian who has done almost every popular song in the style of heavy metal music. With most of these covers, he offered us some interesting choreography in his videos. In addition to playing guitar, bass and drums, he has a very powerful and killer voice and a very skilled ear for mixing and music production.

4. Andrew Huang

In order to make music, it is not necessary to own an instrument. If you have this gift, you can make your instruments from absolutely anything. One such talented young man is Andrew Huang, who made his instruments using LEGO bricks. In addition to playing “99 Red Ballons” with red balloons and “PPAP” with pineapples, Andrew provides some very useful home recording tips, so be sure to check his channel.

3. Jared Dines

A top musician who has his own studio is best known for skillfully parodying absolutely every role during the studio recording process. He is also known for parodying other musicians who make covers for YouTube, but in some ways he parodies himself and enjoys it. Jared Dines also owns his eighteen-string signature guitar for his (un) serious obsession with djent, which has in some ways grown into a very popular meme among musicians and hardcore music fans.

2. Ten Second Songs

To perform this, you need to possess knowledge of absolutely all the music genres of the world. Not only does this channel blend music with comic elements, it also makes you admire this talented young man, who spans one song in about five minutes across many genres. I’m pretty sure a video like this takes an unthinkable amount of effort and time, so I’m taking my hat off to Anthony Vincent.

1. Rob Scallon

It is an unimaginable hassle to choose the best of all these musicians, because realistically, each of them has put maximum effort into their work and each of them has enviable skills on their instruments and vocal cords. Rob Scallon is a top musician and currently the most talented music YouTuber. Why did I choose him as number one? The answer is this: Mr. Rob Scallon plays all his 45 instruments superbly. I guess it’s not a very small number, but maybe I’m wrong. You may have heard the banjo cover of some metal songs like “Raining Blood” and “Psychosocial” by this young man, but that’s just part of what he has to offer. Besides superb playing, Rob Scallon has a special sense of humor that you can see in his videos called “Metal in Inappropriate Places” or many banjo and ukulele covers.

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