Rob Scallon’s first YouTube video

Rob Scallon is an internet sensation known for both his original releases and unique covers.
Rob specializes in creating and playing custom and unique variations of the guitar and bass, as well as performing covers using a variety of stringed instruments including the ukelele and cello.

Besides the video featuring 45 instruments, numerous banjo and ukulele covers of metal songs and experimental renditions of well-known compositions such as Flight of the bumblebee and Bohemian rhapsody in a highly imaginative way, Rob Scallon has collaborated with many other YouTubers such as Jared Dines, Davie504 and boyinaband.

However, you are certainly wondering how his YouTube career began. 12 years ago, Rob Scallon released his first video called “Daisy.” The video description states the following:

„Back in sophomore year in high school. Jonathan Lidsky was bass and vocals, Rob Scallon was guitar, and Ryan Henders was on drums. We had plans at the time to release an album, but the project ended after only recording a few songs and this video.“

Watch the video here:

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