Top 10 music covers that are not played on a real instrument

Recently, it seems very easy and predictable to plug your guitar into an amp or audio interface, learn your favorite song and record it for YouTube. Given that there are too many such covers, there is a great deal of attention from the viewers to the musicians who stand out more than others. For some it is an enviable skill, for some impressive equipment, and for some, in our opinion, the most important quality – originality. If you want to have a good time or even laugh while admiring the talent of these musicians, we have singled out 10 YouTube covers played on items that are not primary music instruments, or not even instruments at all. Here’s what our choice looks like:

10. Glass bottle:

9. Toys:

8. Washing machine:

7. Calculator:

6. Fruit:

5. Animals

4. Vibrator

3. Guns:

2. Ruler:

  1. Hands:

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