Denis Pauna: What if Metallica sounded like…

If you’re die-hard fan of Metallica, you should take a look at Denis Pauna’s YouTube channel.  After our selection of excellent YouTubers who combine music and humor, we also came across one of our own who made an interesting experiment worth noting.

A 24-year-old creative YouTuber and metalhead from Croatia managed to make a very interesting mash-up about how the song “Master Of Puppets” would sound if it was written by Alice In Chains, not Metallica. And that’s just one small masterpiece compared to other stuff he uploads on his channel. So, here’s what Denis said about his new YouTube career:

1. What inspired you to make YouTube videos?

I decided to create a YouTube channel after a musical performance in several bands that unfortunately failed. Since it is very difficult to find ideal people, I did not want my music creation to be reduced to the so-called home playing. That was the main motive for opening my YouTube channel, where I still look for new challenges and enjoy it. I recently opened my second channel that deals with less important topics, but is not yet up and running. I share the third YouTube channel with friends from the band ‘Clean Petrol’.

2. Which one of your videos got the most attention and why?

That video would definitely be “What If Metallica wrote LOAD In 1988”. There were also Alice In Chains creations that many people liked, but ‘LOAD’ video literally exploded. It has over 200,000 views. People mostly like it when someone covers any album of Metallica in AJFA style.

3. Do you have any long-term goals with music?

Absolutely! The primary goal is to enjoy making music for my channel and my band. Of course, I earn something on my channel, but that is not enough to replace the monthly income of a classic job. Money is not such an important factor to me. I’m glad when I can monetize my videos, but it’s like some bonus on a salary. With all that, my goal is to never stop making music and enjoy it to the fullest, alone or with friends who passionately love metal music and share interests with me.

4. What equipment and instruments do you use for recording?

The first and basic device is my computer, which has turned 10 years. Time is slowly trampling him, but he is still working hard.

I use the Scarlett 2nd gen interface, which turned out great for little money.

The main guitar is my favorite Dean – Dime From Hell model. Then there is a bass guitar Dean ML Metalman and bass LTD B105 fretless. I also have Samick, a copy of Gibson Les Paul, but I almost never use it, it stands more as a memento of my first electric guitar. The microphone is a dynamic Sennheiser. Average mic, but it turned out fine. The strings I have been using are Ernie Ball ‘Regular Slinky’ for years and more recently ‘Heavy Bottom’. I order bass strings online.

5. Who are your favorite YouTubers?

Favorite YouTubers … Definitely Andriy Vasylenko, for analyzing the content in videos in detail and providing a lot of information, as well as entertainment. Second in line is Steve Terreberry. Great YouTuber, fun, top guitarist. His humor and way of editing the video is top notch.

I would also single out JinnKid. He doesn’t have any musical content but provides really good entertainment.

Mark Grocki is also on my list of favorite YouTubers. A tireless American who plays classical guitar solos on bass guitar and really slaps. You should hear his metal solos on bass guitar, especially ‘Tornado Of Souls’ and ‘One’. Definitely an underrated channel and more people should hear about it.

Jared Dines and Rob Scallon are also in that circle because they are remembered for their original and unique videos.

6. If you could choose anyone, which musician would you choose as a guest for your YouTube video?

Definitely Jerry Cantrell. I’m sure it would be a great jam, with both guitar and vocals. I love his approach to music.

7. You obviously adore Metallica. What’s the reason?

I adore Metallica primarily because of the original approach in the music industry, from the very beginning. The other thing is that they experimented with their style. The first four albums, especially Ride The Lightning, are my favorite, but Load is also one of their best albums in my opinion. By studying their history, they can serve as a school of life, a guideline for an alternation of good and bad situations in life and how to deal with it.

8. Metallica or Megadeth? And why?

Metallica, though I adore Megadeth as well. Technically speaking, the only thing I don’t like too much about Megadeth is Mustaine’s vocals. For a while I even refused to at least try to listen to Megadeth for that reason, but I gave them a chance and realized they were a great band. Instrumentally far better than Metallica, but not everything is in the complexity of the composition…

9. Do you have guilty pleasure performers or bands?

I would only single out American old school rap. I don’t actively listen to that style, but I won’t object if that music plays somewhere and can’t be changed, unlike the famous Balkan pop music.

10. What was the last concert you were at?

Annihilator in Zagreb, 2019. Since Jeff is the only original member, he managed to keep the band in full potential. Very energetic, they did not disappoint. The audience really enjoyed them.

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