TheSuffocater’s way of making guitar duels

Imagine you have a chance to see a duel between two of your favorite guitar players. Well, some of you might grab that chance right now thanks to our YouTuber TheSuffocater.

A 44 year old musician named Tobias from Düsseldorf who’s also married and has a daughter (…imagine having a cool dad like him!) really deserves his place among talented YouTubers. He also played in a band called „Emotional Suffocation“ before his nickname became seen on YouTube among lovers of metal music.

This guy knows his music, and you can tell that by watching his videos. But to convince everyone else we confirmed it by a short interview:

When did you start playing and what inspired you?

I started playing when I was 15 years old and got my first guitar (Elvis) and amp (Peavy) for Christmas. At the same time my best friend got a drum kid, so we just started playing togehter and did some cover stuff. I used to listen to bands like AC/DC , Anthrax etc. and thought it would be cool to also play a guitar.

If you could choose, would you rather play for Metallica or Slayer?

I would choose Slayer because I like mostly all of their albums. Hanneman is my all time favorite guitar player, so I did 35 Slayer covers! I like Metallica too, but I only listen to the first 4 albums.

Which is better and why: E standard or lower tunings?

It depends which style you play. E standard is great for thrash and black metal, but for death metal I would prefer lower tunings. I remember when death metal bands started tuning down in the 90´s.

Can a YouTuber make money playing metal music?

For sure! Just have a look at Jared Dines, Frog Leap Studios, Ola Englund etc. They are all awesome and very successful.

What inspired you to make „duel“ guitar videos like „Hanneman vs King“?

The idea of making battle videos is not mine. There where channels like Charlie Parra del Riego, who started doing this 9 years ago. The most popular guy is obviously Miguel Sequeira, I like his channel very much. To make it a little bit different I thought it would be cool not to do a battle with two bands, but to make a battle within a band. Slayer is my favorite band, so I picked them of course.

What are your top 5 metal albums?

Slayer – South of Heaven

Metallica – …And Justice for All

Morbid Angel – Blessed Are the Sick

Anthrax – State of Euphoria

Pantera – Vulgar Display of Power

Do you prefer doing live shows or recording videos for YouTube?

For now I prefer doing YouTube videos. I can work alone at any time and also easily connect with great people around the world. My last live concert was something like 1997. 🙂

What’s the wildest metal concert you’ve ever been to?

Several visits at “Dynamo Open Air” in Eindhoven 93-96´.

Did coronavirus pandemic affect your work with music?

Absolutely not. I am doing all my stuff at home, so nothing changed for me.

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