Krystian Krasącki: 9 years of learning, recording and playing

On our quest to introduce the best and less known “bedroom musicians” to a wider audience, we managed to catch an interesting fellow who likes both – “old school” and newer genres of metal, and he’s not ashamed to admit it.

His name is Krystian Krasącki and, believe me, his guitar skills are enviable. But the most important thing (and you can see it in his videos) is that he’s enjoying every single bit of it. If that’s not your goal as a musician, you’re wasting your time.

This “bedroom” metalhead was born in Poland in 1992 in a city called Pulawy, but currently lives in Budapest working in IT for an international company. Anyway, this guy made copule of cool guitar covers that really deserve more views, so we managed to have a little chat:

If you compare your first cover from 9 years ago and your last video, what did you learn about music/recording/video making in that period?

Shit loads of things. My first covers were recorded using an amp and a PC. It was literally a cable going out from my amp to my sound card in the PC with a jack/mini-jack dongle. The sound was so shit haha. I consider it as quite a good start though because it gave me a lot of patience to work on what I was doing. So taking the learning part into consideration, I improved with everything – from hardware that I record my guitar with to software that I use. You might not believe it but I literally used Audacity in most of my first years covers and I think they sounded quite decent even with the shitty gear I had.

Which one do you prefer and why: Tube amp or amp simulator?

Definitely tube amp. I just like it more – sound wise and ‘playing wise’. It’s like a big toy for me that a big kid like me likes to play around with. You can kinda do similar stuff with amp simulators but I feel a little bit different playing around with them. E.g. I was using an audio interface for some time and all the sound I was having was ‘made’ from the software side. I was really missing those ‘physical’ contacts with buttons and potentiometers. That’s why I decided to find a way between recording and still feeling like owning an amp – so I went for a rack. But I really wish I could own an amp, volume it up to 100% and record the sound with mics and all that stuff – that would feel so amazing. I could technically do it but my neighbours wouldn’t be so optimistic about it.

If you could collaborate with any YouTuber, which one would it be and why?

There are many great guys there having amazing contents. If I were to choose only one though I’d definitely go with Ola Englund. Really cool guy and great musician. The success he achieved from what he’s been doing for so many years is just phenomenal to me. The biggest magnet is that he is authentic in what he’s doing and that’s what I appreciate the most. I personally believe that most of the YouTubers/content creators and all such people are missing this part a lot.

I honestly don’t know what kind of collaboration we would have but even a single video covering a song would be badass for me.

What’s your opinion on seven/eight-string guitars?

I do not own a 7-string or 8-string guitar yet. I played on some though. Personally, 8-string guitar would be too much for me. It’s just because of the music styles I prefer, I just wouldn’t find a good use for it so I don’t expect to have one ever – never say never haha. I’m definitely not a djent god like many guys nowadays. As for 7-string guitar, I plan to buy one soon. I write some music of mine and I’d like to experiment with 7-string guitar – plus I want to play some songs of the bands that use 7-string guitars and lower tunings. Especially Trivium, can’t wait to smash some of their songs!

In your opinion; what’s the status of metal music these days compared to 10-15 years ago?

I’m on the positive side. This division between ‘old-schoolers’ and ‘new-genre’ is something I’ve never understood. I’ve always been surrounded by metalheads who were like ‘Only Slayer! Old school! True metal!’ and if you listened to something else you were a poser. I love Death, Pantera, Metallica and some more of the oldies. I’d probably sell my both arms and a liver to see Death or Pantera but unfortunately for me and the others it’s not possible. But c’mon, there are so many amazing bands you can listen to, I can give many examples for every genre. ‘New’ doesn’t mean ‘bad’ and the metal community should understand it more.

You have an awesome, badass tattoo and it’s quite impossible not to see it. Is there a story behind it?

There is a story, there is lots of meaning to it. Obviously, it’s hard not to notice its reference to Eric Draven and “The Crow” movie. It’s one of my favourites. I don’t really share the story and the meaning behind it though, I keep it for myself. It’s really personal and I don’t feel like revealing any part of it, at least yet. Maybe I’m gonna reach the point in which I will feel like sharing it but I haven’t ‘grown up’ to do it yet.

You really seem to enjoy making covers. Which ones did you enjoy the most?

The ones that took me the least time to record haha. Sometimes you pull your hair out and feel like jumping out of a window. It takes a lot of time and effort to record even a 3-4 minute video. Going back to the enjoyment part; I really enjoyed recording my latest covers – especially ones from Lamb of God and one from Bleed From Within. Amazing energetic songs with heavy riffs – that’s what metal guys like the most huh?

Do you have any experience in playing live shows?

Yes, I’ve played a few live shows. Back in the days, I was playing in a band when I was in high school. We played some cool thrash metal. But the best experience was from one live show that I played with different guys. We organized a concert in the city I used to live in. We formed a band with covers of Amon Amarth. That shit was really crazy and we enjoyed playing it a lot. Even though it was 1 time thing I remember it as a great experience and I wouldn’t mind repeating it to be honest.

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