Meshuggah on the cello makes guitar picking look like a piece of cake

It’s kinda boring watching all of those guitar covers with people playing the same songs all over again.

Do you ever get tired of watching the same Meshuggah cover played by different people? I know, playing Bleed can be impressive, but how many guitar covers of that song did you watch until today?

That’s why we present you something even djentier – Meshuggah on cello. Yes, violins and cellos can apparently djent if you play them right.

That’s why Aodán Collins recorded a cover of Future Breed Machine and proved that you can play Meshuggah on an instrument you don’t see very often in this subgenre.

Are you tired of watching djent bois chugging the 7th string like it’s some kind of a miracle? Maybe you should stop and watch the real miracle:

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