Alestorm on the piano sounds like music for classy pirates

They may be annoying to you or you just don’t dig the accordion in metal music, but Alestorm is one of the folk metal bands that deserves the praise they got.

Not only that you can drink and sing along with them – you can also headbang, dance, act like a pirate, make fun of yourself and even watch Pirates of the Caribbean at the same time.

But this cover turned those Scottish pirates into classy… well, pirates. JDanny played their song “Alestorm” on the piano and it sounds like they are having a party on their ship.

Unfortunately, this party doesn’t include full barrels of ale or “wenches” dancing around the deck. Imagine the members of this band wearing suits with champagne bottles in their hands, while Christopher Bowes plays a soothing music on the piano.

All right, you can now see and hear it for yourself. Subscribe to JDanny’s channel for more!

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